Video on Demand

Video on Demand is a service on the 3G WAP portals. With uninterrupted video streaming at a higher quality. The Airhub Video on Demand solution is complemented with a comprehensive Device Repository that gives detailed information on not only the supported codec but also the maximum quality of audio/video content supported on a given device. As a result, the solution selects only the best possible content for streaming to the consumer.

The video content ingested may be published in different categories and made discoverable through features such as full text searchblank, automatic recommendations, top rated content, and top viewed content or promotional videos. This ensures that consumes can not only view popular content but also discover the content they are most likely to enjoy.

Video Movie Ticketing

An application allowing the booking of cinema tickets via a video IVR. The use of video provides a rich and compelling way for the user to find information about films and even view a full trailer. User can choose from a selection of cities, cinemas days and times of showing and of course a selections of films. Users are also given the ability to submit video reviews of films and watch previous user reviews

Video Push

Video push is an application that can make an outbound video call to a set of (3G video-enabled) mobile numbers at a pre-defined time. The management functionality of the application allows the business users to define number lists and outbound campaigns and access management information on the status of push campaigns. Any 3G video application or message can be pushed to a user – the pushed application can allow full interactivity and can also allow the user to request to be transferred to a video contact centre agent.

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