Content based - Infotainment

Airhub delivers this information through the Short Message Service provided by the cellular operator. These information services are broadly categorized into six packages, viz. News, Cricket, Astrology, Examination results, Stocks etc...

  • News, this services aggregates news headlines and delivers them to the mobile devices.
  • Cricket News, these services aggregates Cricket news and delivers them to the mobile devices.
  • Astrology, this service alerts the info about astrology.
  • Exams Results, this service provides exams result about SSC, Inter and Degree Exams.
  • Stocks, this service delivers information on stocks for subscribed mobile users.

Content based - Interactive

Airhub applications provide a wide range highly interactive Contests/games to ensure multiple access of the network by the user.

  • Airhub Contest/ Games on SMS application is the game server, which is based on Trivia and Real game simulation.
  • Airhub SMS Contest Gateway is a product with well-defined facility, to run 4 contests at a time.
  • Two different types of contests with 2 numbers each will be included in the server. Operator can run all the contests at any given time.
  • These Contests and games from Airhub being deployed by the operators with various incentives from them have resulted in building up huge traffic on SMS.
  • The game simulations like Treasure Hunt and Cricket on SMS, intended to titillate the user, can result in user accessing the network repeatedly for the same purpose.
  • Contests/Games are also provided with different logic for scoring and answering options.


Airhub SMS POLL is an easy to install and executable server, which can receive messages from the user via SMSC and based on the command or destination number sent by the user, will post the messages into the database related to the Poll service, or divert the messages to an external web server through internet sessions.

Smart Messaging

Airhub Smart Messaging platform allows mobile users to download Ring tones, Logos and Picture Messaging through SMS onto their phone. This platform apart from down loading also provides features like gifting the Tones/Logos/Picture, restoring the original logo.

Corporate Office

Airhub Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No: 312, New MLA & MPs Colony,
Road No: 10c, Jubilee Hills,
Hyderabad - 500033,
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Office: 9985522777

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