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Telecom VAS . Software Development . Media streaming.

Who We Are ?

Airhub has been in the field of Value Added Services to Telecos and Enterprises since 2009 and agrregating and streaming digital content from 2017.

The Company commenced its operations in the year 2009 and in a short span of time, Airhub has emerged as a proven company in the field of Value Added Services, Interactive Communication solutions to Mobile Operators and Corporate clients with its operations reviews, analysis of business prospects. Airhub product line includes products custom designed for client's requirements and supported 24X7 by a well trained team of technical support staff. Airhub also helps broadcasting media to stream their digital content over mobile and Internet with state of the art technology.

Vision and Mission

  • Airhub envisions be globally recognizing and respecting as high end & quality mobile technology products and solutions provider.

  • Our purpose is to provide unique and best value added services to telecom industry and telecom product solutions to enterprise.

What we do?

We provide onsite and offsite technology support and IT outsourcing services to many companies on a long term basis. Airhub has emerged as a proven company in the field of Web and mobile development, mobile VAS, Interactive Communication solutions to Mobile Operators and Corporate clients.


We're led by a team of passionate and talented executives, chosen for their experience and ability to bring both global and local expertise. Meet our Management team Mr. Tella and Mr. Babu.

Research & Development

As an organization leading the expansion of a fast-advancing Digital world, Airhub is continually investing time and money into researchblank, development and innovation. This commitment enables Airhub to continuously unveil highly innovative, versatile and technologically advanced Content Distribution products and services on a regular basis..

What We Do ?

Airhub provides VAS enabled services to telecom operators & enterprises and streams digital content of Web & TV Channels.

Airhub offers a product line that covers all its 3 Business Divisions - Telecom, Enterprise and Media Streaming. For all its products Airhub promises its customers unbeatable value as it supports them with testing, life-cycle maintenance and support services at a fraction of the cost of other global suppliers.


Airhub offers a range of Telecom products that are frequently accessed and used by mobile consumers. By combining, SMS, IVR, ensuring support and offering services over GSM and 3G. Airhub ensures a rich and delightful user experience.

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Airhub provides a wide range of diverse services to our clients from simple custom software applications, small web presence web sites and highly technical software applications, elaborate database driven web sites and complicated handheld solutions.

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Airhub is a digital content aggregator that collects different content including news articles, social media posts, images, and videos on particular issues from around the web and TV channels makes them accessible in one place through its CDP.

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Where To Find Us

312 New MLA and MP Colony
Jubilee Hills 10c, Hyderabad
Telangana - 500033

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